Friday, 10 June 2011

My First Blog Post :)

This is my first blog post. Not that I wasn't writing but never thought about writing a blog until recently. I would  have to say that I was a taker more than a giver. The knowledge that I have gathered is very much thanks to many people's hard work and their generosity. I can confidently say that without the help and generosity of all the people who took their time and effort to document online, I 'd be no one. That is the simple truth. Therefore firstly a BIG THANK YOU all of them. Also on the other hand I have never been comfortable with my writing (as you can see). But I think time has come to move and give it a go.

I am the CoFounder/CTO of - If I tell you about mudboard a bit more, Mudboard allows everybody to share all their creativity. That’s anything from images and writing to videos, music, narration and animation – and all in one place. That means whether you're a hobbyist, student, amateur or professional there's now a place where like minded creative people can inspire each other, collaborate, and have fun. And within this trusted community, people can buy and sell creativity to a global audience, which allows artists to generate revenue through Mudboard.

The purpose of the blog. Mostly I am going to share my personal experience behind Mudboard architecture building and many interesting topics related to the business as a whole. Hope I might be able to provide some information where someone can use it for their benefit. If that happens I will be most honored. As you can imagine, the journey is going to be long one, but we have to start from somewhere.

I am concluding the post with a saying I admire and love from Albert Einstein - A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new

Happy blogging!

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